Saturday, October 6, 2012

Jisatsutou 43-50!

Finally finished. Thanks to our partners in Illuminati and Death Toll scans. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jisatsutou 42

Good Evening,

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to announce that Tako Luka Scans will be producing Jisatsutou translations in a joint project with Illuminati Scans and Death Toll Scans (their site is down right now it seems?). This means you get actually high quality issues! Not my "I'm not an editor, so raruraru please come back from overseas D:" quality! Currently, the plan is to either release volume 5 in one go, if I can finish translating it fast enough. No deadline for you!


Jisatsutou Chapter 42

Check our Facebook for status updates!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


In an effort to keep you, our readers, updated as to the status of our projects/whatever, we now have a Facebook page we'll update more frequently, and reserve this website mainly for our actual releases and official announcements.

Thank you,

Sunday, July 29, 2012

In regards to the Jisatsutou project:

I was unaware of the project's current state. I saw the last update on illuminati-manga as 340-something days ago, when in reality it was only from last march. I would like to apologize on our part for poor research, as well as apologize for the gaffe on (volume numbering) page 027. I should have emailed illuminati-manga before the release, and will be contacting them now, but at either end of this, I am sure we can settle the matter quickly and in a gentlemanly manner.

With what I hope was no bated breath:

Chapter 41, Revision 1:
The version with page 027 (volume numbering) fixed.

With absolutely no attention to the lyrics, although they may or may not fit, here's at the same time a promotion of a song I think deserves more views:

Jisatsutou, Chapter 41:

Please see the revised version in the next newest post.

If you have higher quality raws, please contact me. Chapter 42 Translation is underway, I just finished cleaning. In fact, 41 came out of QC just as I finished cleaning 42.God wills it!


Saturday, July 28, 2012



Welcome to Tako Luka Scanlations.
We are currently a 5 person operation, though one of our editors is overseas.
So in the meanwhile I would like to announce to the nonexistent readership of this blog that Tako Luka Scans will be picking up Jisatsutou by Mori Kouji as its first project. I would like to apologize to illuminati-scans of for stealing this project from them, as well as for the shitty quality of my raws and/or my cleaning and editing.


Ms. Editor, Please come back soon.

Please expect a release sometime this weekend.